Athletic Sportsguards

Custom-made Mouthwear

For athletes who want to protect their teeth and enhance their performance, custom-made mouthwear provides performance gear suitable for athletes of all sports.  Mouthguards not only provide protection, but also relieve pressure on the temporomandibular joint and prevent teeth clenching.


Custom-made Mouthwear for Your Needs and Your Sport
Custom-made sportsguards are designed for male and female athletes of any sport who want exceptional mouth/teeth protection. 

The Custom-made Mouthwear Process
No matter the sport or reason you seek a custom-made mouthguard, getting a proper fit is a quick and painless process. Bolton Park Dentistry will simply make an impression of your top and bottom teeth as well as taking a bite impression—and that’s it!  Once the dentist finishes with the impressions, your custom-made mouthwear will typically be back in our office in around 10 days. 

Long-Lasting and Customizable
For most athletes, one sportsguard will last at least the entire season—though if you chew on the product, or you have dramatic changes to your teeth or jaw, you’ll likely need to replace it sooner. 

Is a Custom-made Sportsguard Right for Me?
A custom-made sportsguard is an excellent option for most athletes ages 8 and up, but may not be right for everyone. If you have suffered from joint pain, currently have braces, or are missing molars, you should contact Bolton Park Dentistry to discuss if this mouthguard is right for your needs.