Fees & Payment Policy

Dr. Gelfand tries to make dental care accessible to as many people as possible, so she has the following Fees policies at Bolton Park Dentistry:

Fees charged by Dr. Gelfand and Bolton Park Dentistry are within the range of fees suggested in the current Suggested Fee Guide of the Ontario Dental Association. 

Please note payment for services is the responsibility of the patient and is due, in full, on the date services are performed, unless prior financial arrangements have been made with us.

  • We understand dental services can be a large expense for many households and we provide estimates for treatment plans so patients know what to expect prior to consenting to proceed with treatment.  
  • For most major treatments (crowns, bridges, implants), we may be able to establish an interest-free payment plan which fits your budget--please contact us for details.

We are pleased to offer patients a number of options for payment:

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, DEBIT/INTERAC, CASH and ASSIGNMENT OF DENTAL INSURANCE BENEFITS as a courtesy for patients with eligible plans. 

  • Please note, many dental insurance plans only pay a percentage of the fees for services and some benefits are based upon Suggested Fee Guides from years past.  Regardless of the amount covered under an individual insurance benefit, it is the patient's responsibility to pay the difference (or co-payment) between the full fee and what is paid by insurance carriers under the terms of your individual plan.  This co-payment is due at the time services are provided.

More information about Dental Insurance can be found here.