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So, here's something which may be news to some--dentists have fears too!!  I have always been hesitant to start using social networking sites such as Facebook and I have never been able to master Twitter at all.  Having never really understood them--either in how to use them nor in how to keep things updated on them so that I don't appear to be an absentee Facebooker--they are both types of apps which have never been part of my life.  I don't really know why I have such worries about them, but I have often felt at a loss when my young patients and family members share and discuss all they do on these social networking sites.  I have often felt left behind and maybe even left out since I couldn't or wouldn't master this form of modern communication.

While reflecting on the many things I want to accomplish in setting up the office, I knew that in 2013 having a website alone was never going to suffice and when a patient asked me about whether I was "on" Facebook, it occurred to me that it was finally time to face my own fears and have Bolton Park Dentistry join Facebook and Twitter.  It actually has been challenging but people have been helpful and I am gradually putting our Facebook page together and I will soon learn to Tweet.  I hope people will share their feedback with me about what they see on those sites and maybe even "Like" us, although I don't really know yet what that does but it sounds like something good.  Check us out and share your comments!!!  We value patients' opinions.

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