Ever noticed how pretty much every dental office seems to give away free toothbrushes?  Most of them have the names of their Practice tattooed right on the handle as well--not sure if I love that but it's a small price to pay for free toothbrushes.  I can't really knock it, because our patients can help themselves to complimentary toothbrushes anytime they wish by just stopping by (and they have our name on them, too).  We are happy to encourage patients to use new toothbrushes to help them obtain optimal oral healthcare and we offer complimentary floss and toothpaste as well.

But, one patient wondered why we also offer complimentary bookmarks?  She felt it was unusual to find that in a dentist's office.  I explained that it is because reading is a passion for me.  I absolutely love it; always have.  As many patients know, I am happy to discuss my latest undertaking with pretty much anybody who will listen.  I also am happy to accept  recommendations.  If you know of a great book and want somebody else to enjoy it as well, please tell me.  I am a voracious reader so I am always looking for new titles to explore.

I hope that by offering patients (and others) complimentary bookmarks, I may encourage others to read--a goal which I have always held.  We tried to develop bookmarks suitable for readers of all ages so everybody is encouraged to find the same pleasure in reading that I experience when I get to curl up and open the pages of a novel or short story.  Come by anytime and help yourself to a complimentary bookmark and help encourage the joy of reading among the people for whom you care.  Help yourself to a new toothbrush while you're at it.  It really is my pleasure.

So, here's something which may be news to some--dentists have fears too!!  I have always been hesitant to start using social networking sites such as Facebook and I have never been able to master Twitter at all.  Having never really understood them--either in how to use them nor in how to keep things updated on them so that I don't appear to be an absentee Facebooker--they are both types of apps which have never been part of my life.  I don't really know why I have such worries about them, but I have often felt at a loss when my young patients and family members share and discuss all they do on these social networking sites.  I have often felt left behind and maybe even left out since I couldn't or wouldn't master this form of modern communication.

While reflecting on the many things I want to accomplish in setting up the office, I knew that in 2013 having a website alone was never going to suffice and when a patient asked me about whether I was "on" Facebook, it occurred to me that it was finally time to face my own fears and have Bolton Park Dentistry join Facebook and Twitter.  It actually has been challenging but people have been helpful and I am gradually putting our Facebook page together and I will soon learn to Tweet.  I hope people will share their feedback with me about what they see on those sites and maybe even "Like" us, although I don't really know yet what that does but it sounds like something good.  Check us out and share your comments!!!  We value patients' opinions.

Things have been getting really exciting here at Bolton Park Dentistry!  We had our Grand Opening in June and a few people came by to find out what was going on and what we are all about.  It was very nice to meet more people from the community, and feedback about the Office was very kind and much appreciated.  We even had our picture in the local paper!!

In keeping with our philosophy of listening to our patient's suggestions, we had a table set up for arts and crafts for kids of all ages to try their hand at the creative processes.  Those who came by loved making crafts and we now have a whole collection of amazing artwork to hang on our walls!!  I can't wait to show all our patients the talent demonstrated by the young people who came by.  Thanks to everybody who contributed and offered to leave their artwork so we can display it to all our patients.

We have been expanding our more traditional offerings in our reception area with some books and toys now availablel.  We have also received requests for certain magazines which we will try to accommodate.  As always, parents know their chlldren best and, if they wish, we are always willing to have people bring their own favourite toys with them to keep them company, and make the visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible.

We are looking forward to meeting more people and becoming a part of the Bolton community.

We have TV's on the ceiling so that you can watch DVD's while in the chair.  We have some movies and tv shows on DVD at the office or you can bring in DVD's from home (concerts, nature videos, movies etc...).  Children especially seem to really enjoy having something to watch while they are having treatments!

Of course, we can turn it off if you prefer your own thoughts (or if you prefer to listen to my rambling thoughts and anectdotes)!

Welcome to the blog section! Please visit regularly to get up to date information on what is going on at Bolton Park Dentistry, helpful dental hygiene tips promotions and upcoming events.

Choosing Bolton:

I am excited to be opening my practice in Bolton.  I have lived and practiced around this area in the past and enjoyed the sense of a neighbourhood with an involved community.  It is very rewarding to get to work with families as they grow and with people who work in industries that are interesting and new to me!  Of course it is the people who make being a dentist such a rewarding experience.  Please feel free to come in and say hello and ask any questions you might have about really anything at all--especially about dentistry and oral healthcare! We may not always have answers ready but are willing to do our best to try to find them!

Not a fan of Dentists?

While I love dentisry, in over 15 years, I have only found a handful of non-dentists or dental professionals who feel the same way.  Most people only reluctantly come to visit their dentist and the majority can't wait to leave the chair!!  Let's face it--coming to the dentist is usually just no fun.  I want it to be different; while many people will never associate the dentist with fun, I want patients and their families and even just office visitors who are yet to become patients to feel as comfortable as possible coming to see us at BPD.  I'll keep you posted through this blog as to how successful we are at achieving this goal but to start off, I want people to know that respect for where our patients are is where we start in this dental office.  That means sometimes, prospective patients just come in for a chat, to see the office, meet the staff and talk about their thoughts and concerns, while deciding whether to become a patient at our office.

This works for us because we move at your speed.  Our patients' comfort level is very important to us!

What's next?

I'll keep posting my blog here to share with you the goings-on at our new practice but I hope you'll consider coming by to visit in person and maybe even take a ride in our brand new chairs if nothing else!


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